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HEART OF LOVE sterling silver ring / pendant by D.K. & Wei - Symbolizing the eternal commitment of love, trust and hope, HEART OF LOVE is a unique collection by D.K. & Wei to make it every day a big day for one’s commitment. The designers re-think the way conventional jewelries were made and creatively craft our iconic design with light and shadow.

Delicately crafted from sterling silver with rhodium plating for lasting beauty, this collection appears to be contemporary and minimum-looking with touching wear experience for ones to explore and celebrate the “heart” of true love and commitment.

Where is my heart of love?
There are many ways to get your shadow heart of love.
The easy way to generate the shadow heart is to put our design in dim light and back light it with a relatively strong light source like natural sun light, indoor lamp, torch or even candle light. The size and darkness of the shadow heart varies from different lighting environment. Have fun to explore your heart of love!